A tradition unlike…

Hi there.  I wanted to use the whole Jim Nantz quote for the title of this latest entry, but I found out it might be trademarked so lets not get the Regional Radio Group lawyers involved in some frivolous misunderstanding.

So Tiger Woods after around 10 or so surgeries to fix various body parts and numerous rehab stints is finally mentally as well as physically healthy and is playing golf at a high level again.  We have this group of talented young players on tour who play the game with a style and at a level that we are unfamiliar with, yet Tiger still can rev up the interest needle to another level.  Be patient with the guy.  He’ll win again.  If you were worried about the PGA tour without Tiger, I’m gonna twist around a quote from Major League II to fit this.  “Take a look at the scoreboard Buddha, it’s doing fine.”

Anyone who loves the game of hockey should take the time and light a candle for the Humboldt Broncos and anyone involved with the team or that community in Saskatchewan.  The healing process will take a long time.

Even the most passionate members of the, “it’s not the AHL” or ” it’s a lesser brand of hockey” club have to admit the 3 years of the Adirondack Thunder and ECHL have been exciting, good for the region and we have play-off hockey AGAIN!  I haven’t been to a game this year and have only been to three in the life of the team.  My main reason for not going is I don’t enjoy it anymore. It has stopped being fun.  I do listen to every game on the radio.

One more thing.  Message to Jeff Mead or any of the Thunder management.  Please go to the new commissioner and beg and plead to send Brampton packing and bring back the Wheeling Nailers to the North Division.

R.I.P Daniel Joseph a.k.a “Rusty” Staub. Great ball player and even greater person off the field with his endless charitable work.  Plus he had the best ribs in New York City from what I’ve read and heard stories about.  All these new ballparks have former players with BBQ joints in them like Boog Powell, Greg Luzinski, and Randy Jones for example, however Mets ownership clearly blew it again by not having Rusty Staub’s name on a concession stand selling his ribs.  I keep forgetting that Mets ownership is really ashamed of its teams’ history.

I would pay good money to see that Fox News and nationally syndicated radio host go Conor McGregor on Jimmy Kimmel in the octagon.

Why would anyone want to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives?  You’ve got just 2 years in office and the district you serve wants and expects you be nothing short of a miracle worker in that time.

Raise up your hands if bought Easter candy Monday or Tuesday at a significant discount so you could have it for yourself and not go into the kids Easter basket.

From the, “I’m shaking my head is disbelief” department comes this story where an all women’s college in Massachusetts has instructed and wants its faculty not to call its students “women” so as not to offend, because they might not identify themselves as such.  Every time I hear or read another of these stories and the number is constantly growing like the debt clock, I think about an episode of Star Trek, “TNG” where the Enterprise encountered a race called the J’nai.   I’m ending it right there.

So much for putting the bird feeders away now that it’s April.  Got to pick up another 20 pound bag before the creatures get restless.

Leccese out.



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