Abbostford Heat Leave City, Glens Falls An Option?

A  New Team To Replace the Adirondack Phantoms Next Year in Glens Falls?

The Shadow

Glens Falls:

Adirondack Phantoms played their final home game ever in Adirondack Phantoms history on Friday April 18th against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers as they fell to them 3-2 in overtime. Fans in attendance were supportive of having another hockey team possibly calling themselves home in the 2014-2015 season. Hockey fans were given some light including myself by Abbotsford Heat’s CEO Ken King as they announced on Tuesday April 15th they would be leaving the city of Abbotsford at the end of the season. Fans on Friday were excited to see what the future holds for hockey  next year in Glens Falls. Fans on Friday cheered for last time for their hometown team the Adirondack Phantoms. Meanwhile, some other fans in attendance were hoping for another club to call themselves home in the Glens Falls Civic Center next year.   5,865 fans packed the Glens Falls Civic Center some wearing Calgary Flames and Abbotsford Heat t-shirts. Many websites and newspapers in the Abbotsford area are reporting that CEO Ken King as announced and make it public that he has been touring the Glens Falls Civic Center and the area for the past two seasons. According to AbbyNews Abbotsford a local newspaper a reporter asked him about Glens Falls, Ken King said the following ” I have explored Glens Falls for a possible location for next season, We have for the past two seasons, I would like to continue the hockey season in Glens Falls and as of right now we have a plate for next year, Playing out of the Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre, The Heat ranks 29th out of the 30 teams ranked in AHL Attendance, The Heat   organization will now shift their minor-league squad to Glens Falls”. Ken King seems pretty content with his answer and looks like Glens Falls could have a hockey team next year, But Abbotsford hasn’t committed to anything as of Friday April 18th 2014. CEO Ken King was in the Cvic Center at the last Adirondack Phantoms hockey game in history. Fans at the last ever AHL hockey game ever to be played in Glens Falls as Dan Miner announced over the microphone that “Abbotsford vs. Oklahoma has not yet to get underway”. The place went nuts, and cheers went around the Cvic Center. Another hockey cheer by Section N Heckler Travis Baker ” We Want Hockey!” went around the GFCC as the whole place was chanting with him. AbbyNews Abbotsford, Global News and News 1130 a local news station in Abbotsford all have stated the one location “Glens Falls New York”.  Adirondack Phantoms haven’t played the Abbotsford Heat ever since Saturday November 13th 2010 where the Phantoms beat the Heat 2-1 in regulation. Abbotsford Heat are now 30 out of 30 teams in AHL Attendance after their finale in Abbotsford on Saturday with only drawing just a little over 2,000 fans. Ken King has still haven’t announced where the team is going as of Friday April 18th 2014. CEO King Ken and the AHL president Dave Andrews and AHL board of directors have a meeting in the upcoming weeks on Monday May 5th, No time has been scheduled what time the press conference will be. Fans in Glens Falls and around the area are dying to know if Glens Falls will have hockey next year. However a light was sparked as announced that their will be division changes next year but didn’t include who. A sound of hope is sparked for hockey next year for hockey fans in Glens Falls next year. We Will have to wait and see? If you asked me I think that we can support a another hockey team specially if they were actually good. We supported a team that was in the basement every year and yet still sold out the place or drew 3,000 fans each year. With everything I’ve heard we will have hockey next year in Glens Falls for the 2014-2015 season.

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