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Hi there.  I thought I might do an entry a couple of weeks down the road, but all of this great stuff happened all at once that was too good to pass up.  Remember to securely fasten your seat belts and restraints and please keep your arms and legs in the car at all times.  Also in case of a loss cabin pressure while reading this or laughing too hard an oxygen mask will drop from the compartment above you.

Sadly leading off is Tiger Woods who we discovered was slumped over asleep at the wheel on the side of the road with the vehicle still running. You had it all and then one night 7 1/2 years ago, your wife found out the truth and your world crashed and sank like the Titanic.  What was once a pr spun guarded perfect life became the ultimate train wreck and nightmare.  Cheating on your wife, injuries and multiple surgeries.  Now it probably is an addiction the pain killers and other prescription medications to aid in your recovery.  Hopefully Tiger will get the help he needs both on and off the course and be great again pain free and most importantly addiction free.  We need the Tiger Woods that I saw last at Hazeltine during the Ryder Cup matches.

Next is Kathy Griffin.  Were you on the same combination of meds that Tiger Woods were on when you posted that picture?  Now you’re the victim?!  Did any of your friends say, “Um this might not be a good idea.”  All you had to do was give a sincere apology and lay low for a couple of years.  The fact that you even hinted at being a victim is bat s–t crazy and then who do I see next to you in that fraud of a press conference.  Lisa Bloom, an attorney and the daughter of noted womens’ victim rights ambulance chaser Gloria Allred.  What’s worse is that someone would be that intellectually challenged to support Kathy Griffin in her claim of being a victim.

Then my favorite pot smoking, progressive, atheist, observational comic who I have a love/hate relationship with Bill Maher said one of the seven dirty words you don’t say to person of skin color on his HBO show.  He’s apologized too. When the backlash has subsided and died down and performances have been cancelled, I have wonder what day next week will he hold a press conference with Lisa Bloom or Gloria Allred by his side and play the victim card from his deck.  I’m thinking Wednesday or Thursday.

Last but not least, there was Mr.Met who was caught on video taken by a smartphone or android device giving the, “We’re #1 salute” while walking around Wednesday’s game meeting and greeting fans.  Hopefully this is was a one time minor screw up.  Besides how could someone or something with only 4 fingers figure out which one was the middle one.

Here we are in June and I’ve finally got my new years resolutions started five months after the fact. Saving more money every month so when I buy my next car, I either have enough saved to buy it with cash or a large enough down payment to have a short term loan with a minimal monthly payment.  I’m also working out again, but not going to a gym.  Before I ever was hitting treadmills, elliptical trainers or stationary bikes and taking group fitness classes, I would just do a 2 to 3 mile morning walk along the road I live on until I reached route nine and then turn around and head home.  When it came to to my eating habits I keep that simple and basic as well. Portion control, healthy snacking, and that occasional dessert.  I don’t need someone to body shame me even though I wouldn’t mind if they did because I deserve to be.   I look in the mirror in the morning and that is motivation enough.  Not liking what I see.  It’s embarrassing and disgusting at the same time.

Every June I like to pass on a message to our young people who are graduating high school this year.  Here’s this years message to the Class of 2017. Don’t be so dependent on your cell phone and ear buds.  Social media sights are not great as you think they are.  Every once in a while out of the blue, e-mail or send a message to a friend saying you’re thinking of them for no reason but you’re thinking of them.  Hopefully you’ve watched news footage on television or through You Tube those videos of college students protesting and walking out during their college graduation ceremonies because they didn’t like the speaker and his message.  DON’T BE THAT PERSON!  There are proper times and certain channels for expressing your differing views in a way that can be productive instead of destructive.   Graduations and commencements are meant to be a celebration of your achievement and not of regret years later because you wanted to send a “message” or make a “statement.”  Finally for all the flaws and problems you might think our country has, I quote former president Bill Clinton who said, “It takes a long time to fix a big country.”  We also have a lot of good things to be proud of too.  Remember that Class of 2017.

Leccese out.

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