Binge watching golf on the weekend

Hi there.  I spent the majority of last weekend waking up between 5 and 5:30 (which is my normal time when you have a pet cat who wants to be fed) with a bowl of cereal and milk and like we did when we were kids, grabbing the remote, lying on the couch and proceeding to watch 14 plus hours of The Open Championship from Royal Birkdale.  Yup those marathon Saturday mornings watching cartoons still come in handy on occasion.  I know what some of you readers are thinking.  Watching golf is like watching paint dry.  This was an exception.  It was a major championship.  Felt bad for Matt Kucher though.  That 20 plus minute wait for Jordan Spieth to figure out where to drop his ball on the 13th hole after driving it to never never land would have driven me nuts.  I would have been thinking, “Hey junior, go back to the (insert curse word of choice here) tee and hit your third shot.”  Instead we got a McDonalds commercial.  Slice tee shot way right to an unplayable lie in the gorse and fescue. Then go back even further right to a spot on the practice range which is not out of bounds behind the manufacturers trailers lining the practice range to a clear spot with no view of the green you are aiming to.  Have caddy stand on top of a tall sand dune to help with point of reference.  Hit third shot.  Proceed to make bogey on hole and then realize, “Holy S–t, I’m a shot behind.”  Then go 5 under the last five holes.  Win by three shots.

On to other things.  Congrats to the GF Civic Center Coalition for securing naming rights to the building for the next five years.  Didn’t expect it to be an insurance company though.  Between the financials and paper companies, I thought it would have been one of them whose name would be on it.

Is it just me or do the Mets lead the major league in strange injuries?  Added to the already long list is Brandon Nimmo who went down before the All-star break with a collapsed lung and now pitcher Zach Wheeler is on the DL with a “stress reaction.”  What the H-E double hockey sticks is going on?

One more Mets note and its to Mr Cespedes and his 4 year at 30 mil per season contract.  Not good to tell a reporter you that want to finish your playing career with the team that your team is playing a three game series against at home.  Do it on the road 3 thousand miles from your core fan base.

Couple of sports documentaries that are must watches.  First is the Mike and the Mad Dog 30 for 30 on Bristol Tech, and a close second is Golf Channel’s “Summer of 76.”

If you’re sick of anything related to Christmas in July, I would avoid home shopping channels as well as the Hallmark Channel with its Christmas love story movie marathons.  That will put you over the edge.

This put me over the edge last week.  23 years ago, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered and for 15 months we had a national obsession about who did it and the trial that came out of it.  Fast forward to the present, and last Thursday the person who was acquitted of the crimes was back in the spotlight on every channel imaginable so we could watch his parole hearing for another crime involving getting his stuff back.  The obsession hasn’t ended yet!  There have been documentaries, mini-series, you name it.  Dennis Miller said it best on his Facebook page and I’m paraphrasing.  “We want to see “the accused” and one of the Kardashians dating.”

Michael Phelps in a race against a shark.  Can it get any lower?

In 32 days it will when on August 26th Floyd Mayweather fights Conor McGregor.  It makes me want to go to church and pray for a double knock out.  Those two take arrogance and obnoxious to a whole new level unseen in these parts.

On a lighter note.  Reason (insert number here) why I need to start dating or get married.  Going to a card store to pick out the proper sympathy card.  It’s one of those things your Mom or Dad didn’t teach you growing up.  It probably wasn’t on any of their lists of thing to teach either.

Leccese out.

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