Coming to the end and other stuff

Hi there.  Hope all is well as you’ve survived this crazy month which lived up to the saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

O.K. How many of you had Loyola of Chicago making the Final Four in your brackets?  Don’t get me started on the NCAA selection committee.  I don’t care who you played and what the RPI rankings say 28-5 St.Mary’s and 25-8 Middle Tennessee State belonged in the tournament and some of the 12 to 15 loss power conference teams didn’t deserve an invitation.  I still haven’t forgiven these idiots for the Monmouth snub of 2 years ago.

UConn womens basketball is on a totally different level of existence then everybody else is.

In my last post, I said I wanted a snowy February so the Winter Carnival would have a great month which they did.  The 3 to 4 Noreasters that hit our area with more than enough wet snow the first two weeks of March were not part of the deal.

Can you believe that major league baseball kicks off its opening day on Thursday?  Way too early and besides I think there will be more snow on the ground in New York City for the Mets and Cardinals game than there was for the Winter Classic between the Rangers and Sabres New Years Day.

Note to NY Football Giants GM Dave Gettleman from a 47 year fan of your team.  Open up the vaults and tell teams to start backing the trucks up with their best offers for that #2 pick in next month’s draft and the “Million dollar talent who seems to be lacking in good judgement” known as Odell Beckham, Jr.  You get a clean slate from the new guys in charge and you end up in a viral video and getting sued for 15 million dollars.  East Rutherford, we have a problem.

Just saw the 2018 high school football schedule and looking at the opponents for Glens Falls this year.  There is no easy one in the bunch.  What did Chip Corlew or Pat Lilac do to offend the football gods at Section 2 to schedule both Queensbury and Burnt Hills as regular season crossover games?

Big congrats and props to the Lake George boys basketball team for winning their 3rd state title in the past 6 years.  Don’t be surprised if they make another run next year.  They are loaded with juniors coming back for their senior season.

I have to mention this.  One of the reasons why I wanted to be in radio is hanging up the headphones for the last time this week.  Don Imus.  I liked him long before the on air comment from 10 years ago with a New Jersey university women’s basketball team.  I loved his sarcasm, parodies, and irreverent sense of humor.  He had a character the Reverend Billy Sol Hargus who was a spoof on the classic evangelical preacher and he did this bit where the Rev was raising funds to find a cure for that horrible disease known as, “Natural Causes.”  I would love to have a copy of that bit for my archives.  It was that funny to me and still is 30 plus years later.  I know he’s no saint.  He battled addiction and did and said a lot things to offend people. He crossed and blurred the lines at the same time.  He also helped a lot of people.  Nobody is perfect.  I know I’m far from it and its something I have to battle with on a daily basis.

I’m leaving you with a quote from Mr.Imus. “Everybody thinks it’s funny, until its about them.”

Leccese out.





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