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Here I am on this Friday morning typing away on the good old laptop instead of driving to Binghamton for the state basketball championships.  I’m liking this right now.  These last 3 weeks I’ve been subject to the endless phone calls from people asking, “Are you gonna be doing the Glens Falls basketball game on the radio?”  If we were doing the games, trust me you would have known.  I’m in charge of getting the word out when it comes to that stuff.

As Joe Girard III wraps up his remarkable high school athletic career, I want to mention some other players and teams who had great seasons or careers.  First is Lake George.  Their boys team is on a 55 game winning streak if you haven’t paid attention and Graceann Bennett finished up her 5 year high school career with some impressive numbers and just like Mr. Girard will be playing DI major conference basketball.  She’s going to Georgetown. I should have asked her, “what the heck is a Hoya anyway?”  I still have no idea in 35 plus years of watching the Big East.   The Queensbury girls team.  Megan Bethel has done a great job coaching them and this group of young women next year should be scary good with everyone coming back.  Warrensburg girls and North Warren boys and girls had great seasons and I’m also sending props out to the Ft Ann boys, Hartford boys, Granville boys and Ft.Edward girls too.

I’ve never met or spoken with Joe Girard III, however I have spoken to his parents many times.  Two of the nicest people you’ll ever get to meet and chat with.  Under the circumstances, they’ve done an exceptional job keeping him grounded and focused.

I know it has been over a month since the vote, but I have to send congratulations out to Chip Corlew and everyone else who worked endless hours to bring the back the boys public high school athletic association basketball tournament to Glens Falls beginning next year.  Great job everyone.

I have never seen the movie, “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray but I felt I lived it the entire month of February.  A month long battle with cold and congestion issues, shoveling snow and chopping ice.  Plus don’t forget re-filling those bird feeders.  I’ve been to the gym once in the past month because of the weather and my health.

Odell Beckham Jr to the Cleveland Browns.  Didn’t see that one coming but I felt the aftershock when the bomb dropped in East Rutherford NJ at Giants headquarters announcing the deal.

I admit I’m not a fan of the endless specialty jerseys that the Adirondack Thunder wear during the season that get auctioned off for charities.  I did like the ones that they put on for both Law Enforcement and Stick it to Cancer nights though.

If Dan Miner needs a night off from doing P.A. at Thunder games, they should ask the guy who does it at Stillwater high school basketball games.  That guy is good.

I think its time for professional and amateur golfers alike to come together and get rid of the U.S.G.A as the ruling body of golf.  You’re ruining the game for us and not helping it!

Hello in there Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.  Tell me, what color is the sky in your world?

It troubles me to see small colleges like Green Mountain, Southern Vermont, and St.Joe’s in Rutland either closing their doors or on the verge of closing.  Apparently this is going on all over the country where many small colleges are fighting for their survival.

More sad news.  Waterslide World in Lake George is closing.  I was hoping a buyer would be found who could re-open it and bring it back to life.

With the Marvel and DC super hero movie love fest that has taken over Hollywood, I saw the trailer for Shazam and this thing is either going to be the biggest flop or make a whole bunch money because it is not your typical super hero movie.

I thought it would be a lot easier to find a new vehicle to replace my Nissan which I’ve owned for 9 years.

So here we are on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day and you think the home brewer that I am would have brewed a stout to be ready in time to drink this Sunday.  Nope!  Had to brew those IPA recipes first.  What was I thinking?

Finally to JG III.  It has been an honor to watch and call your football and basketball games on the radio these past 5 years.

Slainte Chugat

Leccese out.








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