Fermentating, Germinating, and Ruminating

Hi there.  It’s been a while so lets play a little catch up and have some fun at the same time.  When I came up with the title of this latest entry I thought of Walt “Clyde” Frazier the legendary New York Knickerbocker who does a great job as a color analyst for the team.  He has this way with words and I could see him using those words to describe a play by Carmelo Anthony or Kristap Porzingis.  “He drove through the lane, fermentating, germinating and ruminating on what do as he put up the shot and got the foul!”

First the fermentating.  If some one had come from the future and told the college aged Ken Leccese some 30 years ago that some day you’ll be brewing and bottling your own beer, I would have told that person they were crazy.  I guess they were crazy. I didn’t like beer in college.  I was a Seagram’s/Bartles and James wine cooler drinker back then.  It wasn’t until a family member gave me one of his first home brews that the taste buds changed.  I got a home brew kit for Christmas and I’ve brewed my first two beers.  A Pilsner and a Stout.  Proud of my efforts so far, but I’m not looking to leave my friends over at Davidson Brothers or the places Greenwich and Schroon Lake that I love to stop in once or twice a year.

Next is germinating.  With the onset of spring, my thoughts turn to golf and the garden.  I’ve started some of my seeds and the rest will happen next month.  Finished buying the rest of the woods/metals to compliment the new irons I bought last year.  When you live across the street from a course and you look out at your snow covered raised beds, the itch to dig in the dirt or play nine holes takes over.

As for the ruminating.  Let’s ruminate.  When it comes to this affordable health care, all I really care about since I’ve had health insurance for the longest time through the radio station is I just want my deductible and co-pay go down a bunch.  I think my deductible has tripled over time and I’ve managed to stay from the doctors office and any hospital visits.

Since I’m writing this while listening to the Thunder game, I think it’s great that the Civic Center Coalition has bought the team.  I know there are many folks who were disappointed that a non profit took over operation of the building, but I could think of other properties in the city of Glens Falls that could be sold and put on the tax roles.  The first thing they should do is lock up Cail MacLean and they are working on that.  If Alex Loh wants to move on(which I hope he doesn’t), I would talk to Peter MacArthur about coaching if he doesn’t want to lace them up anymore.  Whether Calgary comes back next year, that is to been seen. If they don’t well, lets just say there will be a line forming  of NHL teams interested in having the Thunder as it’s ECHL affiliate.  Winning and a great location will peak the interest.

If you haven’t been into the Civic Center to see an event, you won’t recognize her.  I’ve been in four times since the beginning of the year and each time I noticed something different about it.  I love that building and what is going on in there.

One of the fun things about March Madness and the NCAA basketball tournament is you’re forced to root for teams you dislike because you have them in your bracket challenge.

As much as I love doing high school play by play, I’ll admit I was thrilled not having to travel to Binghamton this year.  Still pissed off about the whole tournament going to the Southern tier thing.  I can hold a grudge with the best of them some times. It’s also expensive to do those games at the sectional, regional and state levels.

Why is it when some one makes a mistake, like what happened at the Academy Awards this year. so many conspiracy theories come out.  We’re human.  Stuff like that happens and amount of s–t that hits the fan.  Enough to fertilize a small farm.  Accept the apology and move on.

You don’t have to be a golf fan to enjoy David Feherty’s interview show on the Golf Channel.  Between him, Andrew Zimmern, and Jack Maxwell I’m good with my tv watching except for the sports I watch.

Remember if you don’t like the weather, wait a couple of minutes.  Leccese out.



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