First entry of 2018

Hi there.  Finally found some time to pound the keyboard and remember how to crank out an entry.  Lots to get caught up on.  Hope you enjoy the E-ticket ride.  The track may have some bumpy spots but in the end you’ll laugh and think at the same time.

Leading off is Super Bowl LII.  When you don’t have a floaty in the pool, it comes down to whose ties to the teams who are playing in it you are closest to.  I have a soft spot for the Patriots because of their head coach who has two rings with my team and my two years of college in Foxboro’s neighboring town of Franklin Mass.  As for the Eagles, normally you don’t root for teams in the same division as yours, but one of their players went to the same high school as I did, and I was told I was in school at the same time as either his uncle or dad.  So it ended up being a wash.  As for the game itself, very entertaining.  I’ve made my feelings known about NBC’s coverage of the NFL, so I listened to it on the radio.  Have no idea what commercials aired.

Watched some Winter Olympic coverage and I’ve noticed they’ve changed the names of some the events.  Ski-jumping used to be on a 70 and 90 meter hill.  Now its the normal and big hill. Really?  What’s next? Luge and Skeleton changing to feet first sliding and head first sliding?  The best was a cross country event called, “ski-athlon.”  Adding “athlon” to the end of words is the same as adding “phobia” to the end of  words.

One of the few Big Ten schools I respect is going through some serious sh-t that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  That happens to be Michigan State and that dirt bag doctor Larry Nassar, who won’t see the light of day forever for the disgusting stuff he did.  I’m a big fan of Tom Izzo and I worry that he’ll be put in the, “guilt by association” category.

Here’s my take on Joe Girard III.  His accomplishments and talent are amazing but the one thing that has impressed me the most this year from last year is his maturity.  He’s grown up.  I was talking with the wife of a Glens Falls coach last Tuesday night and the topic of his rock star like  following was brought up.  Jimmer’s teams had that same following, but there is one difference.  Jimmer had only 2 D1 offers and one of them came from the school he wanted to go to.  Joe Girard hasn’t made his decision yet and as the offers continue to mount and grow, the question will linger until he makes it.  You have to admit, it is cool seeing all those head coaches at the gym where he is playing that night.

One more note from last Tuesday night.  Rutgers head basketball coach Steve Pickell was at Glens Falls high school watching the game and its the one night I show up to broadcast and I chose not to wear my Rutgers fleece pull over.  It figures.

Sadly, I’ve lost a lot of respect for Bristol Tech’s Jemele Hill.  It is a shame because she can be one of there most entertaining and insightful personalities.  Loved her work on the “Sports Reporters.”

With all the talk of  gender fluidity, have you noticed that many parents to be are having these gender reveal parties?

Enough with the photos of kids being taken with a chalk or dry erase board announcing how old they are.

Here’s a funny quip from Dennis Miller, “I now work days as a Safe Space Lifeguard. Jump in when the kids are drowning in their own bulls–t.”

I read a survey where 25 percent of millenial young men consider asking a woman out for coffee or a drink sexual harrassment.  The same goes for complimenting a woman on her appearance.  That bothers me and I wish I could understand this better.  A compliment made to make someone smile or feel good is thought of as sexual harrassment?  Instead of protection in a wallet, a man has to bring a disclaimer to be read before anything is said to avoid feeling guilt or  have possible legal action being brought against them.  People want to why there is a certain divisiveness prevailing in our country.  That is one of the many reasons.

On the home front, I won’t be needing any more beer recipes kits to make in the near as well as distant future.  Got enough right now to last for a while.   A family reunion is in the works for this summer which will give me extra incentive to brew and bottle so I can bring them to the festivities.  Like I really need an excuse to brew beer.  (Insert laugh track here)

I can put up with the snow through the month of February so the Lake George Winter Carnival can put on one hell of a show.  But when March 1st comes, all bets are off.  Spring and golf season can’t come fast enough.

I guess I’m doing O.K with the 2018 resolutions.  It only took me just 4 days to break one of them.  Being more tolerant and patient.  One phone call put the kabosh on that one.  I’ve also rejoined the gym in Warrensburg where I live to lose weight and get in better shape.  I’ve only been there three times so far.  Shoveling snow does count as a workout doesn’t it?  Last but not least, trying to save more money.  An 800 dollar car repair bill has put a crimp in that one as well.

On second thought I’m so far 0 for 3 for the year when it comes to resolutions.  Leccese out.










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