Not ready to give it up just yet

Hi there,

So how’s your summer going? Mine seems to slip by every year. Since I’m a workaholic, I don’t any take time off to just relax and enjoy the nice long days. All of sudden September arrives and I’m in full high school football mode.

Leading off is my HP Compaq Presario laptop which I’ve had nearly 10 years now. The family has hinted about getting me a new one for Chistmas this year but I’ve turned down the offer. I decided to leave the world of Vista and installed Windows 8. I tried downloading 10, but the computer was too old to handle the upgrade. My laptop is like my private post office box. I know I should give it up but, I’m having a hard time letting go.

In my last entry I talked to the class of 2018 about practicing responsible speech and the possible consequences that may occur when not practicing it on social media sites. Well last month my point was proven by Major League Baseball players Josh Hader, Trae Turner and Sean Holcomb. These major leaguers had written some not so nice things on Twitter about 6 or 7 years ago and those posts came out of the woodwork. I’m not defending what these guys did but I do have one minor gripe about the whole mess and that was the timing of those posts being released. Hader’s came out as he was enjoying his first trip to the All-Star game in DC. Holcomb had his exposed the day after coming one out short of pitching a no-hitter. There is part of me that thinks that our society has this desire to play a game of King of the Hill with celebrities when they reach a certain level of fame and notoriety. Once they reach it, lets knock ’em off the top by humiliating them with something from their past that will haunt them for an undetermined amount of time. The young men have apologized but many have thought that the apologies were not sincere enough.  They’ve also had to go through the requisite “sensitivity” training because someone’s feeling were hurt. We have all done or said things when we were younger that was not politically correct and just plain stupid. We mature and hope to learn from those mistakes, but many will not forgive them and it becomes a never ending witch hunt.

Normally this time of year, I can binge watch TVG on the weekends and catch the racing from Saratoga and other tracks. Not this year for some reason.

Do we really need a re-make of the Bruce Willis/Kim Basinger rom-com, “Blind Date” or a prequel to the underrated classic, “The Sandlot?” The answer is no.

I just discovered the “The Goldbergs” on tv. I’m late to the party on that one. Funny show. Think of “The Wonder Years” only set in the 1980’s.

I am so not ready for high school football season which kicks off next Monday with the start of practices and they’ve even put the ice down at the Cool Insuring Arena. I need to suffer another month with the Mets before I can start  thinking football and hockey.

Finally, I hope the class of 2018 has remembered to find some friends and find that big shade tree somewhere, turn off the cellphone and tablet, look up into the sky and just day dream. Freshman orientation is just about here.

Leccese out.

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