Some things never change

Hi there.  It’s September and I’ve lost another summer.  So much for that 50th birthday present to myself  weekend in NJ to golf at the Renualt Vineyards and the Atlantic City area and a reunion visit with some high school friends.  It’s the curse of being a workaholic.  You can never truly sit back, relax and just one day live life without a care in the world because in the back of your mind you wonder what’s going on at the office.  I went to drop off recyclables today and I listened hoping the weekend shows were playing properly even though I know that they were O.K.  I don’t how people do it.  It’s gonna catch up with me one day and I’m really scared of the consequences health wise.

In an earlier entry I wanted to reclaim my title of being, “The Garden Boy.”  It happened.  Ask me what I grew this year and I had a bumper crop of it.  Right now I’ve got 3 closed paper bags of three 3 different tomato varieties ripening on a kitchen counter top.  Plus there are more on the vine along with lots of eggplant and peppers.  The thing I’m proudest of the most though is a 7 1/2 pound pumpkin that’s on my dining room table.  Any gardener will tell you one the greatest satisfactions comes when you try growing something for the first time and you harvest it.  My thing this year was sugar pumpkins. I wanted just one, and the good news is there is a second.  By the way, I had to use one of those saws you use to cut branches off of trees and shrubs to pick it off the vine.

I think Terry Collins has done a better managing job with the Mets this year with the all the injuries he’s had to deal with than he did last year when they went to the World Series.  For a team so beat up, being one game out of the wild card chase isn’t half bad.

If any one wants to talk football with me, I’m willing as long it is something positive.  I have nothing to more to say or add about Colin Kaepernick, Josh Brown, Joey Bosa, concussions or any other negative thing.

One Olympic note.  I’m glad there was no English to Portuguese translation for “Baba Booey.”  It was enjoyable to not hear that after almost every shot hit during the Olympic golf competition.

When the great Dick Schaap passed away, I thought it was going be hard to fill the big shoes of hosting, “The Sports Reporters.”  Well John Saunders did that and more.  He made the show his own.  So who is willing to take the risk and try to fill his big shoes?

The other day one of my former group fitness instructors at gym I used to belong to came into the radio station to pick up a prize they won.  During the conversation we had she mentioned that people think of me and that they miss me.  It made me start to wonder, “Do they really miss me?” and was she being sincere or just trying being nice.  I saw a few more of my former instructors at the football game I did yesterday and was hoping they would see me in the press box working and just wave to me.  I would have given them a rare smile and a thumbs up.  Even though it ended on bad note, I still have nothing but good feelings for them.

One more thing.  The way the thing were going, that third quarter of the Glens Falls/Ravena game John Pratt and I did on the radio was never gonna end.  But it finally did.  Leccese out.




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