Sooner Than I Thought

As WCKM celebrates its 20th anniversary this week, I have been thinking about the progression of the station.

When the station first signed on, it was strictly oldies.  Songs from the late 50’s and early to mid 60’s.  Then the late 60’s music was added.  Then the early 70’s and mid 70’s.  Then the late 70’s.  The big question for a programmer, like me was, “When do we add early to mid 80’s music?  And when we do, which ones?”

I have always believed in the heritage of the station.  And fortunately, we have been able to keep it.  Having guys like Kip Grant, Lee Pecue and Brian Delaney around helps.  With Great Gold Plus, The Adventures Of The Big Kahuna and Only Gold keep us and the listeners in touch with the heritage of the station.

We have added 80’s music.  The early 80’s are 30 plus years ago.  Music from 30 years ago definitely fits on our station.  Picking the music from the era is a time-consuming job.  Picking music that is the right fit takes me about 10 hours a week.  Doing research.  Finding the right edit.  Listening.  It’s part of the job that I love.

The guys have been great as we have moved our musical scale along.  As we all get older, those classic hits keep on coming.  They’re just coming sooner than I thought.

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