Ten years and still going strong

Hi there and Merry Christmas,

10 years and my other blog ago which was known as “The Greenhouse Effect”, I sat at the dining room table at my sisters house in North Carolina on Christmas Day 2008 and typed an entry on what was then my brand new HP Compaq Laptop that had Windows Vista and was my big Christmas present.  Well here I am Christmas morning 2018 typing a blog entry on that same laptop.  We’ve been through some good times together.   I’ve had a couple of chances to get a new better one as a gift these last couple of years but I’ve said no.  I’ve done one stupid thing to it.  I was cleaning the screen with glass cleaner one day and some got into the keyboard screwing it all up.  Had to replace the whole keyboard.  I tried installing Windows 10 in it but it wasn’t compatible.  The computer was too old.  However Windows 8.1 was compatible and outside losing some recipes and photos, it still runs and is going strong.  My laptop is like my post office box in Chestertown.  I know I should give it up, but I can’t just yet.

On to other things.  First is Joe Girard III.  The day after he plays his last high school basketball game for Glens Falls high whenever that happens, he’ll go down as one the greatest athletes to ever grace a playing field or court this area has ever seen.  From winning national free throw shooting championships, 2 state football championships as starting quarterback, and New York State’s all time leading scorer in basketball, he has been nothing short of special.

2018 ended like it started for me.  Having to attend a memorial service for a family member who passed away.  Don’t feel sorry for me.  I’m fine, really.  I was fortunate to have those two people in my life for as long as I did.

This is something most people can relate to.  Going to parties or other functions at friends or family members homes and bringing some food or drink item that everyone can enjoy.  If you make something really well and it is a hit,  you keep making it and bringing it over and over again.  In my old blog, I wrote how I was worried and was lamenting about being known as “eggplant parm” guy.  Do to my home brewing hobby, I’m now known as the, “beer cousin.”  Just brewed an IPA last weekend.

This years most annoying Christmas commercial goes to (insert drum roll here)… the Peleton bike ad with both a male and female version covering Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”  Freddie Mercury must be turning over in his grave.  Talk about annoying.  And I thought that version a contestant did on, “The Voice” was bad.

My 2019 resolutions are simple ones.  Becoming physically and mentally fit.  Losing weight, getting my blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.  Exercising more and eating more sensibly. I can do that one no problem.  The mentally fit part will be the big challenge.  I’m not one those “always think positively” types.  That drives me nuts.  “Smile more” people say.  Smiling is overrated.  I hate not being able to change things I have no control over.  The littlest things can make my blood boil and set me off into a quiet rage like certain phone calls I get at home and ones when I’m in studio on the air.

There is a lot on my things to do list in 2019.  Purchase a new vehicle in the spring.  Have some dental work done.  My 35th high school reunion is in July, and a possible family wedding in August.  I want to be in the right frame of mind both physically as well as mentally for all of those things.  I also need to golf more playing real courses in the fresh air and not just on my tablet.

Finally Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may good things happen to you in 2019.  Hopefully next Christmas 2019, I’ll be typing another blog entry on my trusted friend here.

Leccese out.

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