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Hi there.  It’s very rare that I compose and type an entry here at my desk in the palatial studios of the Regional Radio Group in Queensbury, New York.  Well, I got my show prep done and had the notes in my briefcase.  So let the fun begin boys and girls

Let’s begin with the chaos and changes over at the, “Worldwide Leader in Sports” on the campus of Bristol Tech Community College.  100 talent lay-offs, programming changes and more is on the way.  I think what has happened to ESPN is a watering down of airable sports product in general because everyone wants a piece of the action.  Every major network has their own tv and radio sports network.  Pro sports leagues and major college conferences own their own cable channels.  I also think ESPN has lost its way in regards to its content.  They’ve alienated fans like myself who don’t enjoy watching it or listening to the radio network anymore unless there’s a documentary or long form story that peaks my interest or the teams I root for happen to be playing on them.

While still on the topic of ESPN, for years my Sunday mornings consisted of reading the paper and then tuning in to “Outside the Lines” and “The Sports Reporters.”  That will come to an end this coming Sunday as the OTL ends its Sunday show and “The Sports Reporters” airs its last show.  Here’s a great trivia question:  Who was the first host of The Sports Reporters?  It was Gary Thorne.  I will miss those 30 minutes spent with Mitch Albom, Bob Ryan, Mike Lupica and others.

It’s closing in on 28 and 1/2 years since I gave up my NJ residency, but a small part of my heart was left behind on the Shore and that’s why I’m hoping that Irish War Cry wins the Kentucky Derby this weekend.  He’s looking to be the first Jersey bred horse to win the run for the roses at Churchill Downs since 1934.  Anything to help horse racing to survive in the Garden State.  Unlike other states, NJ doesn’t allow casino games at the three tracks still operating.

One of my goals this years was to down size the amount of stuff I owned.  So what happens?  The exact opposite. I got a new waffle maker and beer brewing kit for Christmas.  I bought one of those “hurricane/cyclone scrubbers” from the, “As seen on TV” collection  to clean my bathtub, bathroom and kitchen tile work; and the big purchase was an electric mini roto tiller from a home shopping network for my garden.  So much for down sizing.

Does Major League baseball use the same people to make their schedule as the ECHL?  The Mets schedule this first 6 weeks of the season reminded me of the Adirondack Thunders’ this past season.  Nothing but divisional games.

This obsession that sports seems to have with matte finishes reminds me of the salted caramel craze still going on in the food and drink world.  First it was football and baseball helmets. Now golf has gotten into the act as manufacturers Volvik and Vice make matte finished golf balls.  When I see that look what comes to mind are the guys who thought they were cool driving around in their cars with just the gray primer coat.  I like my cars, football helmets, baseball helmets and golf balls with a shine so deep you can see your reflection in it.

When you’re single, have never been married or not currently in a serious dating relationship; it’s perfectly O.K. to have a crush on someone without any consequences.  My latest is Cara Robinson from the Golf Channel.  Intelligent, tall, attractive, and she plays golf!  She also has a killer British accent.  It’s intoxicating.  Very similiar to the effect that someone with a southern accent can have on you. Did I mention she also plays golf?

I’m trying to live a more healthier lifestyle by making small, gradual changes in my eating and drinking habits which can be hard when you’re a foodie who loves to cook.  Well I tried Kombucha tea for the first time the other day.  Kombucha is this fermented tea drink that supposedly has various health benefits.  Well after my first experience, I highly doubt there will be a second one.

Finally, I want to mention a mentor and good friend of mine who happens to be one of the voices of the NHL, Dave Strader, who is battling cancer.  Dave is going into the Hockey Hall of Fame in November.  Good things still happen to good people on occasion and Dave is one of those good people. If you get the chance, tune into the Rangers/Senators playoff games on NBCSN tonight or Thursday and listen to him call the game.

Leccese out.





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