Trying to re-discover what is good about football

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In five days it is back to old grind for me. Another high school football season will begin with those first games being played Friday and Saturday and I’ll be in a press box watching them.  Lately though after all of those past posts where I’ve defended football, I’m starting to have my doubts.  The anthem and various other issues at the pro level.  Scandals involving domestic violence, player safety, and criminal activity on the college level, and the other day I went to watch practice at my local high school and I saw just 21 players maximum on the field.  I read a story in a New York city paper about participation being down again.  Is this the beginning of the end for football?  President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 was so concerned about the deaths and violence in the game that he called for reform.  Have we reached that point again?  I know that coaches are teaching better tackling techniques, helmets and the equipment protecting the body is safer and parents are more informed about the game and its good and bad qualities. However everything else around the game is making me feel depressed and not well.  All collision sports are in the same boat as football.  Hockey, soccer (yes soccer), lacrosse and rugby (don’t think you’re immune from this rugby) should be on notice.  You could be next.  I’ve always said there is something beautiful about those games that combine athletic ability and skill and controlled violence.  Are the risks worth it now?

On to other things.  Remember that responsible speech post in June young people.  Recently I was found guilty of not practicing it and it was not something I said on the air or in a post.  It was the wrong use of something as innocent as an emoji.  I am administrator on our stations’ Facebook pages.  I saw a picture on the CKM page I didn’t like so I hit the anger emoji.  What is so wrong with that you ask?  Well when I posted it, I didn’t post as myself, I posted as WCKM.  Well the person who put the photo up on the WCKM page was pretty upset because they thought the radio station was angry with him.  I was told to remove it, which I did and luckily the person understood my mistake after explaining what my intention was.  Lesson learned.

I spent enough time at the Saratoga County Fair this year that I passed on any visit to the Washington County Fair.  I still have the tub of maple cotton candy I bought from it.

I didn’t realize how mistreated animal crackers were until one of the company’s that make them changed the look of the box they come in because a radical animal rights group complained that the old box promoted cruelty.  Really?  I’d be more worried about the foil bag that the animal crackers and cookies in general come in than the picture on the outside of the box.  Wait a second…A radical environmental group is probably working on that one.

Note to Warren County supervisors.  I don’t know where you do your shopping, but where I go every place has a bin or box to recycle those plastic grocery/shopping bags you seem so obsessed with wanting to ban.  If you want to really make a difference we need to increase recycling efforts, not ban something as harmless as a plastic grocery/shopping bag.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pint of Steve’s Chocolate Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Really good stuff.  What I didn’t realize at the time was it was dairy free!  No cow’s milk in this stuff.  It was made with coconut milk.  The guy who despises anything vegan or vegetarians in general for one moment had a brain cramp and crossed over to the dark side.  Hopefully my foodie friends will give me a pass on that mistake.  Steve’s also makes a real ice cream made with real milk called Brooklyn Blackout Cake.  Brooklyn Blackout Cake is the just the best Chocolate Cake you’ll ever have if you get the chance to try it.  You wanna know why we live in a great country?  A Texas ice cream maker can make a killer flavor based on a New York city dessert.  Just ignore what our governor said about us never being great.

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